$29.99 Holiday Pack

$29.99 Holiday Pack

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CHRISMAHANUKWANZAKAH is back! The annual holiday super sale is the best time of year to stock up on your favorites!

This package includes 1 Solid Black 400ml Fresh Paint, 5 Mixed Colors of 400ml Fresh Paint, 2 Pink Adapters, and 3 Random can adapters.

The *New* Fresh Paint features a new German made valve (same brand manufacturer and model of valve as used by top European designer spray paint lines), German made Silver Fat Cap, new pigments that will withstand 2-3 years or longer prior to fading and an extra cap, the red thin cap featured last batch, extra, for free. The *New* Fresh Paint is the finest designer spray paint made in China and rivals or is superior to most European made brands that cost twice as much. Enjoy the low pressure, top coverage, matte finish, world class *New* Fresh Paint today!

For Pantone Color # of each color, please visit: -->

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