Beige Dot Skinny Cap

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Quantity is now offering the Beige Dot Skinny Cap in 10, 50, or 100 cap packs! Beige Dot Skinny Caps are great for fine details. The Skinny Cap White/Beige is the classic smooth skinny cap that has a long history with the Montana Cans, Montana GOLD range. Its round form body makes it a comfortable Skinny Cap that is still loved for outlining by graffiti artists, street artists or urban artists alike. Its smooth application is ideal for small-scaled detail work and clean linear output, which is commonly required for outline classic letter graffiti. Previously the standard cap on the old Montana GOLD series, the Skinny White/Beige caps can still be found in its Corporate Identity color scheme (gold/beige) as the standard manufactured cap on the Montana GOLD range. Fits on all female valve cans. Order yours today!

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