Please email [email protected] for all inquiries. You will talk to James himself or a trusted representative who can help to answer any question you may have.

Shipping Options & Shipping Time:

We only ship spray paint within the USA. We only ship via UPS Ground. All orders will ship the same business day or next business day from the time of order. All lower 48 state (excluding HI/AK/PR/GU) USA orders will arrive in 1 business week or less (roughly 7-10 days or less).

For international orders, please email [email protected] to discuss further.

Shipping Cost: is proud to offer $10 flat rate shipping to all customers in the continental USA. UPS charges OinkArt $12-14 base rate for all shipments and $1.00-1.45 per can on top of base rate - $10 flat rate shipping allows for up to $1.45 savings per can for our valued customers. Please feel free to combine the product cost and shipping cost then to divide back the total by the number of units being ordered and compare to the per unit total from any other USA spray paint online retailer, you will find that's pricing for Fresh Paint is by far lower than any other competitive quality brand offered by any competing retailer. 

Wholesale Pricing:

For Fresh Paint, orders order 300 units will be charged only $3.50 per can and $10 flat rate shipping. If you have a tax ID number for local retail sales and prefer, you are welcome to email [email protected] with full order list (quantity per color in type written list), ship to name and address with tax ID information included and we can offer you (for 300+ can orders) $2.50 per unit plus full UPS Ground shipping cost. (Cost may be higher than $3.50 each and $10 flat rate shipping cost dependent on UPS Ground cost to your location.) For SEKT Cap Adapters, please change the quantity drop menu to 100 unit packages to receive bulk pricing.

Supply Shortages: is a niche retailer of designer art supply tools. We only sell items we either have manufactured ourselves (such as Oink Ink), have had manufactured specifically for us (such as Fresh Paint) or items we purchase directly from the manufacturer (such as Cap Adapters or Spray Nozzles). As such, we may experience outages of select items between manufacturing batches. We will strive to not sell out and to replenish sold out items as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding and feel free to contact [email protected] to check anticipated delivery dates of any sold out item.


We strive to fill every order as it was placed. However there are occasions where we sell out of an item that is listed on the website or where customers are able to order an item that has been removed from the website (for example, if they had a product page up before the item was removed, and later placed the order from that page). In these instances we will generally substitute the closest product. We reserve the right to substitute products & by ordering from, you acknowledge this is possible and acceptable. If you would prefer to be refunded instead of substitute items shipped, please state this in the “Comments” section during checkout and we will make our best effort to refund the items instead of providing a substituted item. If there is no suitable substitute, we will refund the cost of the product and shipping per unit. 

Selection: has chosen to only carry items we manufacture ourselves (such as Oink Ink), have manufactured specifically for us (such as Fresh Paint) or purchase directly from the manufacturer (such as Cap Adapters or Spray Nozzles). We have chosen to no longer carry competing brands of products similar to those we make ourselves or have privately manufactured. As such, you will not find a wide selection of brands on our website, but you will find the highest quality, lowest priced products anywhere in the USA for your artistic uses. We are committed to providing the best products for the lowest price and are grateful for your support and loyalty.


All sales are final. OinkArt does not offer any exchanges or refunds on any product that is in a box that has been opened, or that has been used, under any circumstance. We will accept and refund product cost for any package marked "return to sender" by the original shipping company (such as UPS) that was refused by the receiving party at time of delivery and is returned unopened in it's original packaging. Shipping cost on properly returned packages will not be refunded, only product cost, as shipping cost is not reimbursed by UPS/other shipping companies in the case of a "return to sender" package. As stated, OinkArt does not offer any exchanges or refunds on any product that is in a box that has been opened, or that has been used, under any circumstance. Thank you for your understanding. We will always provide support for any product purchased from . Feel free to email [email protected] at any time for order support or product support questions.

Incomplete Order Received:

We strive to pull every order correctly every time, with zero errors on any order. If you receive an order that does not have all items you ordered, please take a photo of all the items received and the empty packaging it came in. Please email these photos as attachments to [email protected] along with a written explanation of what was ordered and explaining exactly what was missing from the order. Each dispute will be considered and resolved upon it's own merit individually. Any and all disputes must provide photos as described in this paragraph to be considered or dispute will be rejected.


We do not offer any samples. To view video reviews of our product, please visit, or search "Fresh Paint" or "Oink Art" on to find a number of impartial user reviews of our products. We have over 8 years of experience in the industry and only sell the highest quality products we can source at the lowest price we can afford.


We do not offer sponsorships. Sorry, we are simply too small of a company. We accept video entries for our "Freshly Painted" series from anyone who uses Fresh Paint brand spray cans in their footage (along with other brands is acceptable) via dropbox sent to [email protected] . We do not offer free cans in exchange for photos or footage. If you would like to discuss further, please feel free to email pictures and writer name to [email protected] for further consideration, however, at this time, we do not offer sponsorships.